Since 2000, Nash Group has grown to become one of the most professional, dynamic and reputable tiling & stonework companies in New South Wales (NSW). With over 40 years combined experience, the Directors of Nash Group, together with their experienced & talented staff, have successfully completed many multi-million dollar projects from a diverse number of building & construction companies.

We have built an enviable reputation of providing quality, reliable and efficient service for our many clients. We’re active in all types of tiling & stonework projects across large scale residential, commercial and industrial sectors of the building & construction industry.
In addition to having close business relationships with local tile & stone wholesalers and stonework fabricators, we also import stone directly from all over the world to provide our clients with the respective cost savings.


Overall, we provide the ‘complete package’, including ancillary works such as waterproofing, acoustic membranes, stone floor polishing, sealer applications and all types of trims and joints.
Nash Group is capable of surpassing our client’s requirements in terms of expertise, quality and productivity for any project.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone on +61 2 9792 7608 or via email at info@nashgroup.net.au to see how we can help you with your project.